Why is the popularity of dating apps increasing?

Dating apps are now popular all over the world. Those who use dating apps have accepted this as the new reality. And for those who don’t, they have mixed, mostly negative, opinions about the medium. A recent study in India on dating apps revealed various issues. Let’s investigate what information can be found there.

Dating has changed now

About 12,000 active dating app users participated in this survey by Indian dating app Quack Quack. Apart from expressing their thoughts about online dating, they also told about various misconceptions about dating apps in the society. The most popular idea among them is that dating apps mean love and marriage. 28 percent of people who took part in the survey think that romance was once the main reason for entering the world of online dating. People living in big cities no longer believe that online dating apps are ‘for temporary love’.


Most of the people above the age of 27 try to get into a long-term and committed relationship through the use of dating apps. Apps for dating are the new method that people in their 20s to 40s meet pals. From entrepreneurs, engineers, IT workers, healthcare workers to teachers, housewives and university students, most of the dating apps are used properly. Quack Quack founder Ravi Mittal said the online dating world has changed a lot in the last few years. Users are using dating apps more actively. More than 80 percent of users want to find real partners through dating apps.

Opportunities for new friendships

Earlier online dating apps were used for light or casual relationships. Many people thought that these apps are a platform to find non-committal relationships. With the change of time people now try to make real relationship on online dating platform. More than 36 percent of users now find partners or friends through these apps. Smaller cities in India now have more dating app users than ever before. More than 58 percent of users now want to find lifelong friends through dating apps.

The way of making love has also changed through these apps. Long distance relationships are becoming increasingly popular due to technology. The notion that online dating apps are the haunt of the elite and educated is now changing. App users feel that the inertia of space, time and language has reduced a lot through dating apps. The trend of using dating apps is also seen among people in rural areas.

Dating apps are now quite safe!

67 percent of the women surveyed prefer online dating over real life dating because of the safer and more secure system. Because it searches for dates or people of choice by analyzing various personal information and behavior, chances and chances of getting people of your choice are high in dating apps. So trust is also increasing in it.

Can dating apps really find ‘people of your heart’?

“We didn’t talk on the phone, we wrote letters. I have many letters from my early life, they are as precious as gold,’ said a middle-aged woman with a broad smile. After a while her eyes drifted to the postman standing next to her, who was now her husband. It didn’t take him even a second to recall the loving days of his past life at the shocked question of the journalist. Talk about loving memories. Old but not dirty. This scene can be seen in a video posted by Facebook page on February 14, Valentine’s Day. Instantly it’s viral!

But this love of sending letters to netizens is now prehistoric. Be that as it may, the medium of love has changed, so has the way of falling in love. Once love was offered through letters and text messages on mobile phones, then came social media. As devices have become digital, communication has also become easier. Along with this, the language of love has changed. The lover’s mind is gradually being hindered in the world of algorithm-ruled love. Once upon a time, marriage house, dawat or school-college were the main means to find a soulmate.

Where young people used to stumble in their hearts even if they did not hit each other when they saw someone. Then friends or younger brothers and sisters of the family would convey one’s heart to the person of choice. If the consent of the other party is obtained, it turns into love. Then dating started by writing letters and meeting at a market, street corner or restaurant. Beyond that era, love has now advanced a step further. Dating apps have entered the dating culture with great force. Where lying on the bed, the right-left rotation of the thumb matches the search for a loved one in the blink of an eye. Now is the time to know what love is like in this colorful world of Tinder, Bumble or Hinge.

Salsabil Rashid gasped while staying indoors during the lockdown. He was a third year student then. He opened an account on the dating app Tinder out of a desire to discover something new. On that occasion, I met two or three people. It was said. But the friendship with someone is a little too much.

After the friendship grew a little more, it was found that in reality they have ‘mutual friends’. As a result, the range of identity increased. The two left the net and came out in the real world. Seen directly. Salsabil said, “It was a great pleasure to talk to the boy. With endless time on hand, lots of talk started. The two’s desires-dreams-values ​​were very similar in many respects. After a month, when the lockdown was over, I showed up a few times.

Salsabil’s love on Tinder didn’t end in that one month. Months passed and years passed, the relationship of acquaintance turned into love. The two got married in 2022 from love. Although many people have doubts about the existence of faithful partners on dating apps, Salsabil thinks that two different people might not have been able to meet on Tinder and get married if there was no ‘flexibility’.

Not only Salsabil, there are many others who think that it is possible to find true love through dating apps. Muhtasim Abid, who works in a multinational health engineering company in the capital Dhaka, also told the story of finding his soulmate through the dating app Bumble. He said, “I didn’t want to be in a relationship for about three years after my first love broke up.” But at one time this loneliness did not feel good anymore. So I started messing around with dating apps.

Open Tinder and Bumble accounts from there. However, I found the Bumble app more useful than Tinder; Because, Bumble has less chance of spamming. From there I found a kindred spirit. For now we are deeply in love.’ Bumble has been found to be a bit too safe by many users. Some of the women said that this app is relatively safe for women users as well. Because men can’t send the first message on Bumble if they want to.

Confidence starts to decrease. So it is important to be careful in using these dating apps. Nadia Nasreen adds, ‘Many are using dating apps now to ease the pain of a newly broken love. Especially those whose relationship with family is not strong, and who are not able to talk openly with friends, such people want to seek shelter elsewhere. When instant rapport turns into physical intimacy, the mistake is made. It then becomes a big issue. When a newly formed relationship cracks, the opposite happens. As a result, the person blames himself as the root cause of all the troubles. But everything has pros and cons, it all depends on one’s intentions.’

But when the warm air of love blows on this side of the coin, on the other side is the coldness of fraud and deceit. Just as there are examples of finding love through dating apps, there are also fears of being cheated. Nadia Nasreen, a psychosocial counselor at mental health care institution ‘Maner Bandhu’, said, “Many go to dating apps to find love, but loneliness increases as they do not find a partner of their choice. It creates self-doubt.

Last Words

In line with the adage that matches the object, the argument is far away, the success or failure of love on a dating app depends on the user. It is important for dating app users to remember that these apps are just a medium. Where the algorithm set will help you find only certain people according to your likes and dislikes. But it is up to you to take the next step by recognizing the right person. There is no substitute for fidelity to make love lasting and sustainable, be it on apps or in person.

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