Rosaline Dawnx Biography

Rosaline Dawnx is a famous Instagram model. But recently she became viral on social media sites for uploading her amazing videos on PH. She gained 80k subscribers on PH by uploading only two videos. Amazingly, she gained a lot of subscribers in just a few months. This charming model was born in the Lake District, United Kingdom in 2002. Right now, she is 22 years old. She is very slim & super cute. Rosaline Dawnx’s height is 5′ 5″ & weight is 50 kg. In this article, we’ll discuss about Rosaline Dawnx’s Lifestroy.


Rosaline Dawnx Biography

Real Name Rosaline Dawnx
Gender Female
Birth Date 2002
Age 22 Years
Birth Place Lake District, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Height 5′ 5″
Weight 50 KG
Occupation Model
Net Worth $2 Million


Rosaline Dawnx Wikipedia

  • Relationship status: Single
  • City & Country: Lake District of United Kingdom
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5′ 5″ (165cm)
  • Weight: 110lbs. (50kg)
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Tattoos: Yes


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Rosaline Dawnx Dating

Guess what? Rosaline Dawnx isn’t on the dating scene. Nope, she’s flying solo because she’s got big career dreams to chase! Back in high school, she did the whole dating dance, but things got messy, and she had to bail because her ex just wasn’t the star player. Fast forward to post-breakup freedom, and Rosaline stumbled upon the PH scene – and guess what? She’s hooked and not turning back! Who needs relationship drama when you’ve got a career to crush and passions to pursue, right?

Rosaline Dawnx Family

At 18, Rosaline Dawnx waved goodbye to the parental rulebook and became a waitress. She set out on her adventure. Now, here’s the scoop – when she decided to become a PH model, her parents weren’t exactly doing cartwheels. But you know what? Rosaline did her own thing and rocked it!

Rosaline Dawnx Social Profile

Rosaline Dawnx is not just crushing it with 25.1k Twitter followers and slaying it with 16.1k on Instagram. Oh no, the real fun happens on Snapchat where she’s practically the queen of snaps!  And guess what? The party doesn’t stop there – catch her groove on TikTok and YouTube too!


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Rosaline Dawnx Net Worth

Rosaline Dawnx is sitting pretty with a net worth of 2 million. Guess what? She became a PH model with just two videos!  But wait, there’s more to the Rosaline magic – she’s not just counting cash; she’s also winning hearts across platforms. With 3 million followers on TikTok and a YouTube channel that’s basically on fire, Rosaline’s not just a name; she’s a whole vibe!


Rosaline Dawnx Faq

Rosaline Dawnx isn’t your typical celeb – she’s a total dynamo with hobbies that’ll make you smile. Think rope climbing, DJing, and rescuing animals – a real-life superhero with a playlist! And get this, she finds her chill in spirituality. How does she juggle it all? Simple – she dives into the joy of each hobby, turning life into one big, awesome adventure.

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