Priyanka Mongia Net Worth

Priyanka Mongia is one of the most popular Instagram influencers from India. She made her viral by working on TikTok as a content creator. Not only India, she is famous full Asia. Her perfect face look gives love to the audience’s heart. Priyanka Mongia is famous for uploading her lip-sync videos on TikTok & Instagram reels. From her social profiles, she earns a lot of money every month. Today in this article, we’ll talk about Priyanka Mongia’s Net Worth & Priyanka Mongia’s life pieces of information.


Priyanka Mongia Age

This charming girl was born in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. Jalandhar is a beautiful city as like Priyanka Mongia. Priyanka Mongia’s date of birth is 27 September 1997. For the time being, she is 26 years old now. This beautiful girl is very smart, tall, slim & cute. Her height is 5′ 4″ and her current weight is 50 KG for sure. Priyanka Mongia grew up in her city Jalandhar with her family. And still, now she lives with her parents.

Priyanka Mongia Biography

Real Name Priyanka Mongia
Gender Female
Birth Date 27 September 1997
Age 26 Years
Birth Place Jalandhar, Punjab, India
Nationality Indian
Height 5′ 4″
Weight 50 KG
Net Worth $100k
Priyanka Mongia Biography
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Priyanka Mongia Social Media

You can’t believe how much popular this cute girl is on TikTok. She has more than 23k followers on TikTok. Her most of the videos on TikTok gained more than 2 million views on average. She has a total of 500 million views on her TikTok videos.

Now guess, how much popular she is on TikTok. If you still not yet visit her TikTok profile. Do it now, because you missing Indian most beautiful girl which you have to follow more than 2 years ago.

By the way, her TikTok ID name is piyanka_mongia. Maybe you can see many fake accounts on TikTok using this name. But note it on your mind that her TikTok ID is verified.

She has 12 million followers with a verified badge Instagram ID. Her Instagram id name is piyanka_mongia. In July 2022, she opened her Instagram account. And right now, she uploaded 550+ photos & reels.

You can follow her IG profile. Because this charming girl going to represent her country in the world. I think you are gonna missing a beautiful lady on this earth if you don’t follow her on Instagram.

Piyanka Mongia is not enough active on Facebook. And this is why she doesn’t have enough followers on her Facebook Page. She has only 12k followers on Facebook. Maybe she will focus on her FB page in the future.

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Priyanka Mongia Net Worth

From the above headline we can know that she is very famous on social media sites. Mainly Instagram & TikTok. She has a large number of audience. So, it’s simple to all of us that money is a very easy thing to achieve for this pretty model. She promoted many brands’ products on her social profile. Sometimes, she got invitations from many restaurants to promote their new restaurants & share the food taste & quality on Priyanka Mongia’s social profile. In this way, the restaurant owner gets new customers & Priyanka Mongia gets money. Priyanka Mongia also does modeling by collaborating with other Instagram agencies. It’s her other source of income. Every month Priyanka Mongia earns more than 1 million Indian rupees. Priyanka Mongia’s estimated net worth is $100K.


Priyanka Mongia Family Information

Priyanka Mongia has two sisters & one brother. Her brother’s name is Gaurav Mongia and her sister’s name is Heena Malhotra. Her sister is an elder in her family & she is a married girl. Priyanka Mongia is the second girl in her family. And Gaurav Mongia is the younger brother. Priyanka Mongia lives with her parents. But up to now, we can’t find any kind of information about Priyanka Mongia’s parents’ names or any other pieces of information.


Priyanka Mongia Personal Life

We research a lot to find out if she has a boyfriend or not. But we get nothing. So, as now we can tell you guys that she is a single girl. If she goes into a relationship, she must upload her boyfriend’s photos on her social media. But as I think she gonna arrange a marriage in the future. Right now Priyanka lives in Dhilli with her family.


Priyanka Mongia Some Important Things

  • Priyanka Mongia is an Instagram influencer.
  • Priyanka Mongia is now 26 years old.
  • Priyanka Mongia is from India.
  • Priyanka Mongia net worth is $1 million.
  • Priyanka Mongia is a single girl.
  • Priyanka Mongia is one of the most beautiful girls in India.


Priyanka Mongia proved that you can do anything from anywhere if you focus on your goal. Priyanka Mongia is now successful in her life & career. She can do a great offline business as she wants. She is a symbol of a successful person. Anyway, thank you very much for reading our blog’s Priyanka Mongia net worth.

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