Nadja Rey Biography

Nadja Rey is a famous modeling STAR from Spain. She is a verified model of PH. She has 110k subscribers on PH. Her model rank is 324 now. And she gained more than 100 million views on there. Nadja Rey is now 24 years old. She was born in Spain, Madrid in  1999.11.25. In this article, we’ll talk about Nadja Rey Biography.


Nadja Rey Biography

Real Name Nadja Rey
Gender Female
Birth Date  1999.11.25
Age 24
Birth Place Spain, Madrid
Nationality Spanish
Height  5’11”
Weight 50 kg in pounds-110 lbs
Net Worth  $ 25 Million


Nadja Rey Wikipedia

Meet Nadia Rey, the coolest fashion star, model, and actor!

Nadia tried being in front of cameras, like in movies. But at 22, she changed! She gave being a movie star a shot, but it just wasn’t her thing and she decided to become a PH model. Now, she’s not just a PH model – she’s also into Instagram modeling, sharing her fabulous looks with the world. You can catch her tweets too, spreading smiles with 94k followers!

But wait, there’s more to Nadia than the runway. When she’s not dazzling on the catwalk, you’ll find her indulging in her hobbies. She’s a tattooing enthusiast.

Dreams in her pocket, giggles like a funny joke, and hobbies  Nadia Rey isn’t just a model; she’s fun-loving, sparkled, and sweet. In Nadia’s world, every day is like a happy dance!


Nadja Rey Family

Nadia Rey lived with her mom, stepdad, and two sisters. Fast forward to when she hit 22, and guess what? She decided to shake things up and chase her dreams in a whole new way!

So, originally, she wanted to be a movie star, all glitz, and glamour. But, hold the popcorn! Life had a different script for her. She stumbled upon this cool thing – being a PH model. Nadia’s story is like a fun rollercoaster ride. Imagine lots of laughs, sparkly outfits, and a dash of unexpected turns. Buckle up for a ride filled with smiles and style!

Nadja Rey Dating

Nadia Rey, the queen of dating adventures, gave three different guys a shot – just like trying out new flavors of ice cream., but guess what? All three relationships crashed and burned. Hold on to your hats because here’s the scoop: in her third romantic engagement, she dated her high school teacher! Talk about mixing textbooks with romance. Well, you can imagine the chaos – secret meetup,  whispers in the hallways, and the whole secret love story. Things got so wild that they both got exposed in front of the whole class and expelled when their secret teacher-student love story got wide open.

But, Guess what? Our girl Nadia has decided to take a break from the relationship rollercoaster. After this breakup, she decided to be a lone wolf in her adventures and turn her spotlight on her PH career. Who needs love drama when you can start your career with passion and luxury?


Nadja Rey Net Worth

Nadia Rey became a PH model with a net worth of 5 million! She rocked the PH world with only five videos – talk about a mini-miracle and now she’s got a bunch more videos ready to wow her fans. The show’s about to begin – Nadia’s turning the PH world into her sparkly stage!


Social Media

Social Company User Name Followers Information
Instagram nadjarey69xx 6k She joined IG in September 2023
Twitter Suspend Suspend Suspend
Facebook Not Found Not Found Not Found
Tik Tok Not Found Not Found Not Found
OnlyFans nadjalapiedra69 Private You have to pay $5.99 per month to see her photos.


Nadja Rey Facts

  • Nadja Rey is a famous P-star.
  • Nadja Rey is now 24 years old.
  • Nadja Rey’s height is 5′ 11″.
  • Nadja Rey’s hair color is brown.
  • Nadja Rey is from Spain.


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