Aakriti Shahi Biography

A lot of people wanna know who is Aakriti Shahi & what’s her real name & where is she from & many more questions that we have gotten from our audience. For this reason, we are going to share Aakriti Shahi Biography with you guys. 

Aakriti Shahi is a Nepali model who goes viral on Instagram by making reel videos. Her maximum reels gain more than 500k-1M views. Everyone loves her amazing perfect body shape with her dazzling dance. Anyone falls in love with Aakriti Shahi when someone first sees her. The same thing happened to me & that’s why today I’m going to discuss about Akriti Shahi.

Aakriti Shahi’s real full name is Aakriti Rajya Laxmi Shahi. She is from Nepal. She was born on 7 March 1998 in Nuwakot, Nepal. Right now she is 28 years old & her zodiac sign is Capricornus. She spent her childhood in her village Nuwakot, Nepal. But right now, she lives in  Kathmandu, Nepal.

Aakriti Shahi is a super hot Instagram model. Her body figure is very attractive. Her height is 5′ 8″ & weight is 55 KG. She has beautiful black straight hair & her eye color is hazel. Everyone falls in her of her body figure. In this article, we also attach some beautiful photos. I hope you guys will love to see those pictures.


Aakriti Shahi Biography

Real Name Aakriti Rajya Laxmi Shahi
Gender Female
Birth Date 7 March, 1998
Age 28 Years
Birth Place Nuwakot, Nepal
Nationality Nepali
Height 5′ 8″
Weight 55 KG
Net Worth $25K

Aakriti Shahi Personal Life

Aakriti Shahi is still an unmarried girl. And she doesn’t have a boyfriend now. In her college life, she got some relationships for made her life a little happier. But right now, she doesn’t have any boyfriend & she doesn’t want to go into a serious relationship. Her dream is to be a famous model in Nepal & she wanna focus on it at this time.

We can’t find her father’s & mother’s name. But we found a picture of her parents on Instagram. She uploaded the below pic on her Instagram ID & wrote My mom and dad is my everything❤️.

Aakriti Shahi Parents
Aakriti Shahi Parents

In the below pictures, you are seeing Aakriti Shahi’s brother. We don’t know her brother’s name. But we saw on her Facebook page that this guy is her brother. By the way, You will be happy to know that Aakriti Shahi is also a lady biker.

Aakriti Shahi Brother


Aakriti Shahi Social Media

Aakriti Shahi is so much famous on social media sites mainly Facebook & Instagram. She has 430k followers on Instagram. She joined on Instagram in February 2018. But her Instagram ID is not verified. In this 5 years, she uploaded more than 400+ photos & reels. Aakriti Shah’s Instagram ID name is aakritishah0070.

Aakriti Shahi is also very famous on Facebook. She has 300k followers on her Facebook page with a verified blue badge. On Facebook, she loves to share her life routine. You can follow her on FB. Aakriti Shahi’s Facebook page ID name is aak1522.


Aakriti Shahi Net Worth

Though there is no income source from TikTok & Instagram. But this girl making a lot of money from her Facebook reel videos. And she sometimes, she promoted cosmetics products. She also collaborates with other models in contact. From this way, every month she makes $5k to $10k from her career. Aakriti Shahi net worth is $25K.

Aakriti Shahi Photos
Aakriti Shahi Photos

Aakriti Shahi Facts

  • Aakriti Shahi is an Instagram influencer.
  • Aakriti Shahi is now 28 years old.
  • Aakriti Shahi has 430k Followers on Instagram.
  • Aakriti Shahi has 260k followers on Facebook.
  • Aakriti Shahi Lives In Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Aakriti Shahi is single girl.
  • Aakriti Shahi eye color is hazel.


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